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Stormwater Coalition

South Central New Mexico

Our mission is to bring together water and land managers and producers in the region to collaboratively plan and manage our watersheds.

Recognizing that stormwater does not respect political boundaries, it has become apparent that the needs of the region would best be served by a regional watershed management approach.

What's a watershed?

  • A watershed is an area of land that channels rainfall and snowmelt to creeks, streams, and rivers, and eventually to outflow points at the ocean.
  • As water flows over the land, wherever it slows down and soaks into the soil, it replenishes groundwater.

What’s the Stormwater Coalition doing?

  • Developing regional master plans

  • Designing regional flood control system and watershed infrastructure

Implement watershed restoration as flood and erosion control strategies
Improve safety of water storage reservoirs
Extend early warning and watershed data systems
Grants and projects
Extend aquifer recharge systems; tie together existing system of dams and ponds to function as flood control and aquifer recharge systems
Construct, upgrade, and maintain new and existing flood control structures, including canals, storm drains, pumping systems, water filtration stations, and green infrastructure systems

“We have changed our philosophy from trying to capture and hold stormwater to trying to slow it down in the watersheds and infiltrate it where we can.”

John GwynneDACFC

how to help

how to help

how to help

how to help

how to help

Join the data collection team.

Help us with our grass-roots crowdsourcing. Document problem areas by adding a map point with our easy survey.